Quick Classes: Creating Beads in Photoshop

1. Make a circle the size of the bead you want
2. Color the circle with the paint bucket in the color you want the bead to be
3. Select filters, Render, lens flair and add a light to shade the bead I used brightness 100% and set the flair center at the bottom of my circle, and chose lens type of 50-300mm zoom
4. Then select filters, Distort, spherize to make your circle look like a bead - I used amount 100%, mode normal
5. Then add effects, drop shadow - I used a mode of multiply, color slightly darker then the background, 75% opacity, 120 degree angle, global angle, 5 pixel distance, 5 pixel blur, and 0% intensity.
*If you want your bead to look more like a pearl here's what I did
1) same as above
2) make the circle white
3) make a new layer with the same shape as the bead and fill it with the linear gradient tool, transparent rainbow
4) make the rainbow layer only 10% opacity
5) With the rainbow circle still selected, select filter, distort, ripple, amount -889, size small
6) merge the rainbow circle layer with the white circle layer
Then follow steps 3-5 above
To make a string of pearls just duplicate the layer and put it beside the previous pearl until you have a string.
Examples of beads:



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