Tutorial: Install Plug-in Filters in Digital Image Pro

Screenshots from DIP 10 for windows (works with DIP 9, Digital Image 2006)

2006 by Angie Svoboda

Add on filters are very fun to use and when used can really set off your pictures and layouts. One of my favorite filters to use in Virtural Photographer by wwwoptikVerveLabs.com. A free download. This tutorial will help you set up Digital Image Pro to find this filter.

I have a folder on my computer (in My Documents) called "Plugins" this is where I download and store all my plugin filters. By having its own folder then I can point several different programs to the folder and then I don't have to install each filter for each program. (for example- I use Photoshop CS2 and Photoshop Elements).

Find or purchase your filter, download it (unzip it) or load it from the installation CD into a folder called "Plugins".

Open up Digital Image, start a new project, and insert a paper object (anything) you will not be able to load the filter until you do this.

Effects > Plugin Filters

Your screen should look something like this. The edges filter is a default of Microsoft's Digital Image Pro.

Click on "Change Plug-in Filter"

You will see this box appear

Click on browse and point to your new "Plugins" folder, then click on OK.

Then click on OK again.

You may have to close and restart your program to have the effects work.

Have fun with the use of all the cool filters....

Now that was easy. Have fun and remember to post your creations in the DSP gallery.


For a printable copy of this tutorial, click here.

© 2006 Angie Svoboda

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