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Creating Your First Digital Scrapbook Page in My Memories Suite
By Robyn Gough

Making a digital scrapbooking page can be a lot of fun!  This tutorial uses the Celebrate Life’s Moments Welcome Kit created by the DSP Designers. Register now in the DSP forums and check your email to DOWNLOAD THIS PAGE KIT FOR FREE!  Or download another free page kit of your choice in the FREEBIES gallery!  Then find a few photos and follow this tutorial to easily create a digital scrapbook page in My Memories Suite.

1. Open My Memories Suite. From the New Album Options Window, click on design your own.


2. Enter your album title, chose the album location and choose your preferred shape, then click on ok.


3. Select blank page and click on Ok.


4. Click on the dropdown arrow next to backgrounds on the control panel to expand the list of options.


5. Choose Custom from the expanded list and browse to the welcome (or other) kit on your hard drive.


6. Click on the drop down arrow next to photos in the control panel, and click on Add Photo.


7. Browse to your first photo, select and click on Ok.


  1. If your photo requires rotating, click on Rotate Left or Right to suit.


8. You can resize your photos/elements as needed by using the grey boxes and dragging the photo in or out to resize. MMS will retain your aspect ratio. You can click and drag each item over the page with your mouse.

9.  Browse to the folder where your kit is and choose a frame. If your photo does not fit the frame proportions, you can use the crop button to crop the photo.


10. To keep your photos looking realistic on a page you can add a drop shadow by clicking on the drop shadow button. You can adjust settings according to taste. All Digital Scrapbook Place Elements however already have their own shadows.

11. Repeat number 10 to add each embellishment and photo to your page. Crop and rotate resize as needed.

12. If an element needs to be sent to front or back you can do so by right clicking on that element and choosing from the menu options.


13. Elements can also be rotated using the Rotate Slider in the Photos Control Panel Menu.


14. To Add Text to your layout, click on the drop down arrow next to Text in the control panel and click on Add Text. You can use the settings in the Text Control panel to adjust your fonts and font styles as required.


15. Type in your text and adjust your font and styles as needed.


Once you have completed your layout you are ready to save it as a jpg.

16. From the Share menu select, export to Jpeg.


Follow the prompts and select your pages to export.

17. Select at least Medium or Large for high quality printing. To save for the web for uploading galleries or for sharing via email choose Web/Email to save. This will save a flattened version of your layout in your preferred format.


Follow the prompts and My Memories Suite will save your pages to a folder in your chosen hard drive location.  Here is the completed layout!


Scrapbook page created by Robyn Gough.
Graphics from the Celebrate Life’s Moments Page Kit by Digital Scrapbook Place
© Robyn Gough 2009


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