Tutorial: Creating Animated GIF's in Photoshop

So how do they make those cute animated .gif's? It's EASY!!!!!

Build your animated .gif in layers. Each layer should have something changed.

The take your image in to image ready (it comes with Photoshop)

And you should see a screen much like this - with your animation palette, your layout, and your layers palette. If you don't see one of your palettes go to Window>and find the palette you are looking for.

Create a new layer on your animation palette

on your new animation layer, change the visibility of a layer on your layers palette to the next sequence you would like in your animated gif. Repeat this over and over until you have made a new animated layer for every layer you have in your layers palette that you would like in your animated .gif.

Now change the interval you would like the layers to play at.

and change your animated gif to play however many times you would like.

Now you can save your animated gif.


See, wasn't that easy!!!! You can get even more creative with them as you learn to add transitions.

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