Tutorial: Circle Dot Brush-PSE2 & 3
by Angie Svoboda

This is an advance tutorial on how to make the popular circle dot brushes in Photoshop Elements 2 & 3 . The screen shots are from Photoshop Elements 3 but it works the same in Photoshop Elements 2. Photoshop brushes are not backwards compatible so brushes made in Photoshop Elements 3 will not work in Photoshop Elements 2. But Elements 2 brushes will work in version 3.

Hint- (Brushes made in PSE3 will work in Photoshop CS but not Photoshop 7. Brushes made in PSE2 will work in Photoshop 7 and Photoshop CS)

First make a new transparent document. A 2in x 2in size at 200dpi is a good starting point.

Next click on your brush icon as shown in the image.

Select a round, hard-edge brush. A size of 9 is a nice medium size to work with.

Next click on "More Options" to open up the drop down box. Change the setting to match what I have in the image. Spacing of 200%, angle to 90 and roundness to 33. The spacing can be adjusted to make more or less dots in your brush.

This is what the brush looks like now.

To make the next step easier I have turned on the rulers. Click on View> rulers.

Set you colors back to the default, black and white, this will make the brush black.

On the far left of the new document, at the exact vertical center (1in) click once (this puts one dot on the page), while holding down the shift key shift once on the right side of the document, directly across from your first dot. This will give you a horizontal dotted line across your document as shown in the image below. Don't worry that the dots look egg-shaped. This will soon be fixed. :)

Now click on Filter > distort > polar coordinates.

Make sure the "Rectangular to Polar" box is checked.

Click on ok and you have a dotted circle. Notice how I have a space on the top of my circle. This is because I did not place my original dot at the very left hand side of the document. I had a little space. This resulted in this space. So I used by nifty undo key and started over. :)

I fixed it!!!!!

You can always play around with the spacing in the "More Options" menu to get a different looking circle.

Now we will make the brush. Click on you Rectangular Marquee Tool in the tool menu.

Drag a box around the circle. We now have our dotted circle as the selection

Click on Edit > Define brush from selection.

A pop up box appears. This is where we name our new brush. Click in the box and type a new name. Click on ok.

Now we want to save all this hard work. We will now save the brush as a brush set. The brush we just made is at the very bottom of all the brushes you currently have loaded in your brush palett. We want to delete these already loaded brushes. To do this hold down your ALT key and click on each brush. When you hold down the ALT key the cursor changes to a scissors. Cut away all but your circle brush. If you have made any other new brushes you may want to keep them and save them.

Click on the fly out menu arrow, and Save Brushes....

I have a folder called Brushes in My documents folder that I save all my brushed to. Otherwise this new brush set will be saved to the Photoshop Elements preset brush folder. Which is also fine. Name you brush set and save. Remember to back these up occasionally so you do not lose all your hard work.

This is what the brush looks like as a cursor.

This is the end result. COOL!!!!

Have fun and let me see all the wonderful dot brushes you make!!!

© 2005 Angie Svoboda

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