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Tutorial: Inking Your Edges In Photoshop

by Samara Gugler

(screenshots from Adobe Photoshop CS2)

This technique will allow you to get that “inked” edge look to your pages.

Step 1: Create your layout. We’ll be “inking” as a final step.

Step 2:
Select a layer that you’d like to “ink”. Now click on the styles icon found in the layers palette. It’s the little dark circle with the “f” in it.

Step 3:
Click on “Inner Glow”, then select Blend Mode>Normal. Opacity>100%, Noise>20%. Noise will give your ink a brushed on appearance. Select a color, I used black for this layout. Select Technique>Softer, Source>Edge. Choke and size are going to determine how much “ink you want. Play with the sliders and see what happens.

Before you click ok, click on new style and name it INKING. This style will now be ready for you to use again and again!

Step 4:
Now apply the style to all the layers you want inked.

Step 5:
As you can see, it really makes the papers POP right off the page.

Experiment with different setting and even try different colors.

I used the same technique in this layout, Ballerina. Instead of black, I used a pale pink.

Enjoy and happy inking!!!

Credits for Junior Firefighter:
Junior Fireman by Jamie Rousselle (also found on the Scraps of Fun- Make Believe CD)
DSP Tina by Suzanne Walker

Credits for Ballerina:
Ballerina by Lauren Bavin (also found on the Make Believe CD)
Keep 'Em in Stitches 4 by Lisa Carter
DSP ScrappyPants by Suzanne Walker

© 2007 Samara Gugler

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