Tutorial: Fast stripe patterns in Photoshop

Level: Easy!

1)      Open a new 200px x 200px at 72dpi (you are not going to print it!) transparent document


Pick the 2 colours which you wish to use as background and foreground colours – for my example I’m using purple & bright pink.


3)      Press G to select the Gradient Tool, Foreground to Background, and in the options bar select the Linear Gradient.


Now, holding down the Shift Key (to keep to a straight line, pull your gradient from left to right.(this will give you horizontal stripes, for vertical stripe pattern, holding down the shift key, pull your gradient from top to bottom & carry on from 5)


5)      Now select Filter > Distort > Wave and make sure your settings are as in the illustration:

·        Number of Generators not important, mine is 999

·        Wavelength                              35 and 35 (Tip: set the Maximum one first)

·        Amplitude:                                Unimportant

·        Scale:                                       Unimportant

·        Type:                                        Square is checked

·        Undefined Areas:                      Repeat Edge Pixels checked



Now click OK and there you have your stripe pattern!



6)      Now all that’s left to do is Edit > Define pattern and give your new pattern a name and you are ready to use it for a background or elements of your choice!




My thanks to Hatch www.wz2k.co.uk for this great timesaver!


Enjoy it and take care, Meryl


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