Tutorial: Text in a Circle Photoshop CS
by Angie Svoboda

This is a simple tutorial to help you type text in a circle (this actually can be used to type text in any closed shape).

Open a new document. Use the custom shape tool (Circle thin frame), draw out a circle shape. Hint- hold the shift key while you draw out your shape to get a perfectly round circle.

You will not have to select this shape. To do this click on the layer the same time you hit the control key (this is with a PC computer). This will put marching ants around the shape. Now click on select > inverse to select all but the circle.

Now to make this into a path. click on the path tab. And click on the make work path from selection (circle with a wig on) on the bottom of the palette.

Now you see you have a work path of everything in white. Click on you text took (T icon in the tools palette) and move the cursor inside the circle. You will see that it changed to an I-beam with a dotted circle around it.

Just start typing and the text will stay in side of the circle. This text is fully editable and though it may appear jagged on-screen, it will print just fine. To edit your text, double-click the T icon for the type layer in the layers palette and use any of the editing functions in the option bar, character palette or paragraph palette. You can even warp the shape, but both the type and the path will be warped.

You can now delete you work path, if you want to, by dragging the layer into the trash can on the bottom of the layers palette.

Next you will want to go back to your layers and delete the layer with the circle. (drag it into the trash can)

This is an example of what you can do with type in a circle.

For a printable copy of this tutorial, click here.

© 2005 Angie Svoboda

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