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DSP offers digital scrapbooking tutorials for a wide variety of programs and techniques, from your very first scrapbook page to complex layouts. Most tutorials are easily translated into other programs. If you don't find a specific tutorial in your program, check it out in another! Photoshop tutorials marked with an (E) can also be used in Photoshop Elements with little adjustment.
Tutorials are added often, so check back frequently! If you have questions about a technique or tutorial topic, ask in the Tutorial Forum or if you have a specific tutorial request, let us know.
Ready for more personal, in-depth help? Check out our digital scrapbooking classes at DSU!

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program abbreviation legend
  • DIP: Digital Image Pro
  • E: Photoshop Elements
  • FF: FotoFusion
  • HPCSA: Pixel Magic/Creative Scrapbook Assistant
  • MMS: My Memories Suite
    PDF: Adobe Acrobat File
  • PI: PhotoImpact
  • PS: Adobe Photo Shop
  • PSE: Photoshop Elements
  • PSP: Paint Shop Pro
  • ALL: Applies to all programs




using the DSP web site


computer crafts


using DSP products


creating your first layout


program introductions
  • Brushes Palette [PS] [PSP]
  • Layers, Introduction [PS/E] [PSP]
  • Photoshop Elements Basic Tool Guide [PSE]
  • Photoshop Workspace [PSCS2]
  • Using Smart Guides [PSCS3]


Photo Manipulation and Effects
  • Blk & White Image with Selective Color [PSP]
  • Creating a Dreamy Photo Look
  • Creating your own "glamour shots" [PS & PSE]
  • Cross Processing in [PS]
  • Dramatic Photo Effect [PSP]
  • Enhancing photos [PSP][PI]
  • Tinting Photos to Make them POP [PS]
  • Using Photo Masks [PSCS3]
  • Restoring and Tinting a Faded Photo [PS]


scrapping techniques
  • Adding a Border Around a Photo or Layout [PSP]
  • Actions, Recording [PS] [PSP]
  • Blending Modes [PS]
  • Brushes
    Brushes (Beginner) [PS]
    Brushes Palette [PS] [PSP]
    Brushes, Installing [PS]
    Circle Dot Brush [PSE 2 & 3]
    Paths to Make a Dot Brush [PS]
    PNGs to Brushes [PS]
    Saving Brushes [PSP]

  • Color
    Black and White Image with Color [DIP]
    Changing Background Colors [PSP] [DIP]
    Changing Hues [PS]
    Changing Colors of Elements [DIP]
    Using Color Match Command [PS]
    Color Swatches [PS]
    Color Picker Tool [PSE]
    Correcting a Color Cast [PS]
    Finding RGB Values [PSP]
    Converting Color to Black & White [PS - pdf file]
    Coloring Word Art [DIP] [PS]
  • Character Palette [PS]
  • Click & Drag [PhotoPaint]
  • Comic Book Look [PS]
  • Creating a Contact Sheet [PS] [PSE]
  • Creative Cropping [PS][PSP]
  • Creating a Curvy Border [DIP] [PSP] [PS]
  • Curling Photo Corners [PSP]
  • Customizable Chipboard Alpha Fun [DIP]
  • Cutting Backgrounds Into Shapes [PSP]
  • Depth of Field [PS]
  • Depth of Field-Lens Blur [PS]
  • Double Page Layouts [PS]
  • Dreamy Photos [PSP
  • Edges
    Edges, Burned [PS]
    Edges, Chalked [PSP] [PS]
    Edges, Decorative [PSP]
    Edges, Funk
    y Photo [PS] [PSE]
    Edges, Inked [PS]
    Edges, Scalloped [PS]
    Edges, Using Masks [PSP]
    Photo Edges [DIP]
    Torn Edges [DIP] [PSP: Method 1] [PSP: Method 2]
  • Emotional Journaling
  • Enhancing Layouts, Part 1 [PS]
  • Enhancing Layouts, Part 2 [PS]
  • Enhancing Layouts, Part 3 [PS]
  • Enhancing Layouts, Part 4 [PS]
  • Enhancing Layouts, Part 5 [PS]
  • Enhancing Layouts, Part 6 [PS]
  • Extracting Backgrounds from Photos [PS] [PSP]
  • Extracting using Background Eraser [PS]
  • Filter, Extract [PS]
  • Fixing Red Eye [PS] (E)
  • Folded Corner [PS & PSP]
  • Getting the Most from your Digital Graphics [not program specific]
  • Hand-Scrapped Authenticity [PS]
    Using text in paper-style digital pages
  • Lasso Tool Tips [PS] (E)
  • Layering stamps and fonts [PS]


related scrapping programs and information


element creation

  • Backgrounds/Papers
    Background Textures, Creating [PS]
    Brushed Backgrounds Event Transcript (4/04) [PS]
    Corrugated [PSP]
    Distressed [PS]
    Full-Photo Backgrounds [PS]

    Pattern, Checked [PS]
    Pattern, Striped [PS]
    Stripes & Plaids [PSP]
    Swiss Dot[PSP
    Torn Mulberry [PS]
  • Beads [PS](E) [PSP]
  • Borders or Mats [PSE] [DIP]
  • Brads [PS](E)
  • Brushed Metal [PSE] [DIP]
  • Making a Custom Brush [PS] [PS 2]
  • Buttons, Making [PSP]
  • Cheater Brads, Buttons, etc [PS]
  • Chenille Stems [PSP]
  • Chrome Eyelets [PS]
  • Creating Layer Styles [PS]
  • Doodle Dandy Fun [DIP]
  • Easy Alphas or Titles [PSP]
  • Eyelets & Buttons [PS](E)
  • Denim Texture [PSE]
  • Eyelets and Backgrounds: Software Chat Transcript (04/06/04)
  • Faux Rick-Rack [PS]
  • Fine Mesh [PS] (E)




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