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Tutorial: Creating WordArt

The biggest trick in making word art is the use of many layers/text boxes.
The fonts used here are Beautiful Caps ES and Beautiful ES.

Open a new project, 5" tall and 8" wide

Open your 1st text box/layer- make an L in Beautiful Caps, 128 pts, fade to 80% opacity

Open your second box/layer- using Beautiful-type "ove" 128 pts, fade to 80%. Move this box close to your L.

Open a nex box/layer- using Beautiful Caps at 72 pts, make an L

New Box/layer-using Beautiful at 72 pts, type "ove...", move this up close to your L.

New box/layer- using beautiful at 48 type "we know the truth,". Move this up under your e on love.

You should now have something like this

New box/layer- using Beautiful at 48 type " not only by reason,". Here trial and error
comes in to play. You need to move the box around until it looks good, and you have no letters
over lapping the ones in the prior line like so

Here is more like how it should look

New text box/layer, using Beautiful at 48 type "but by the heart."

New text box/layer, using Beautiful Caps at 128 at 80% make an "H".

New text box/layer, using Beautiful at 128 at 80% make "eart".

Move the H box so the curlycue on the bottom nearl touches the "L", move the "eart" up close to the "H".

The completed project should look somewhat like this

Making word art is a lot of trial and error, moving things around and experimenting with letter/word placement.
Don't be afraid to try different things, fonts, sizes, and don't forget... LOTS of
text boxes/layers! Have fun!



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